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Newbury Academy Trust Newbury Academy Trust

Newbury Academy Trust

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees may exercise all the powers of the Academy Trust. They are Directors of Company Law and Charity Trustees and as such are subject to the duties and responsibilities of both roles. They are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the Trust in accordance with the provisions set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association. 

The Board of Trustees is the accountable body for the performance of all schools within the NAT and for ensuring that the Trust is solvent, well run and delivers the Trust’s charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public. The Board currently meet 6 times each academic year.

Position Appointed by Responsible for Appointment Date Term Length End of Term Date Meeting Attendance (2018/19)
Mrs Sheila Loy
Chair of Board of Trustees Members Safeguarding 13/07/2016 4 Years 12/07/2020 6/6
Mr Tim Morrison
Vice Chair of Board of Trustees Members  - 12/02/2019 4 Years 22/04/2023 4/4
Miss Sue Brown
Trustee Members   10/03/2017 4 Years 09/03/2021 4/6
Mr Michael Burroughs
Trustee Trustees   13/01/2020 4 Years 12/01/2024  
Mr Frazer Hayton
Trustee Members Careers 23/04/2019 4 Years 22/04/2023 1/2
Mr Fritz Johnson
Trustee Members  FSP Committee 13/03/2019 4 Years 12/03/2023 3/3
Mrs Lyn Lewis
Trustee Members Health and Safety  10/03/2017 4 Years 08/03/2021 3/4
Dr Alison Mitchell
Trustee Members Primary LGB 23/04/2019 4 Years 22/04/2023 2/2
Dr Michele Paule
Trustee Trustees

Pupil Premium/G&T/Equality & Diversity

25/07/2019 4 Years 24/07/2023 1/1
Mr Tony Trigwell-Jones
Trustee Trustees - 25/07/2019 4 Years 24/07/2023 1/1
Mrs Charlotte Wilson
Chief Executive Officer Members    13/07/2012 N/A N/A 6/6

Trustees no longer in post but in post during the past 12 months:

Mrs Natalie Bealing
Trustee Members   18/04/2018 4 Years Resigned 11/12/2019 6/6