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Newbury Academy Trust

Pastoral Committee

The Board of Trustees has established committees in accordance with the Articles of Association to assist with its responsibilities. The Pastoral Committee currently meet 6 times per academic year and focus on the pastoral care of students, staff well-being, student voice and safeguarding.

Position Appointed by Responsible for Appointment Date Term Length End of Term Date Meeting Attendance (2017/18)
Dr Alison Mitchell, Chair of Pastoral Committee
Governor Trustees - 05/04/2017 4 Years 04/04/2021 0/0
Miss Sue Brown
Governor Trustees Safeguarding 05/04/2017 4 Years 04/04/2021 0/1

Mrs Susana Carvalho

Parent Governor Trinity Parents - Uncontested Election - 07/03/2018 4 Years 06/03/2022 0/0

Mrs Sally Coneley

Governor Trustees - 11/07/2018 4 Years 10/07/2022 1/1
Mr Owen Joyce
Governor Trustees - 03/04/2019 4 Years 02/04/2023 0/0
Mrs Charlotte Wilson
Executive Headteacher As per Articles of Association - 13/07/2012 On-going N/A 1/1

Governors no longer in post but in post during the past 12 months: